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QC Termetorino

Wellness is just around the corner

If you want to take a moment to reconnect, but without leaving the city center, Turin offers an ideal place for the regeneration of body and spirit. The QC TermeTorino, a wellness center located in Corso Vittorio Emanuele II 77, in a beautiful noble palace (Palazzo Abeg), was built in the late nineteenth century.

QCTerme Torino

The Spa path winds through the indoor area with biosaunas and relaxation rooms that are inspired by the history and icons of the city. The outdoor area, in the fairytale garden of the palace, among trees and rose gardens are surrounded by three pools of warm water to immerse yourself in the relaxation of another time.

QCTerme Torino

In addition to the entrance ticket in the SPA area, which includes very tasty “aperiterme” in a bathrobe (from 6 to 9) to be able to indulge even the the pickiest eater. You can buy massages and treatments in the Spa. On the one hand a wide range of body treatments, on the other an endless range of massages, where everyone can satisfy their specific wellness needs.

QCTerme Torino

The wellness proposal is articulated between massage plus, for specific needs, long for those who love taking a long moment of relaxation. Also for couples who want to share a massage and relax, the tailor-made massages, designed to reinvigorate and tone the part of our body that needs it the most. The essential prerogative of the center is that every type of treatment is studied and personalized on you, to satisfy your every sense through the choice of music, aromas, oils and essences.

QCTerme Torino

If you feel a bit ‘lost among these a thousand proposals, do not worry because, in full relaxation, you can rely on the paths of wellness that will lead you to release all of your tension. Between “relaxation and vitality”, a water path with a well-kept garden, a bio sauna with a steam bath and a salt room you can let your problems evaporate by allowing yourself some “me time”.

QCTerme Torino

Open every day from 10 am to midnight, QC Terme is the ideal place to treat yourself to a getaway in the city, taking for yourself well-deserved relaxation.

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