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Caffè Torino

An elegant Savoy lounge in the heart of Turin

Caffè Torino is a postcard of the beautiful  Belle Époque sabouda in which the finesse of liberty and the charm of history envelop the client in a surreal atmosphere. A Caffè that has passed through time maintaining its elegant identity as an aristocratic living room where today we can all enjoy a moment’s break for a coffee or an aperitif.

In the shadow of the luxurious arcades of Piazza San Carlo you will find a suspended Martini sign, two bulls rampant on the sides and under the words Caffè Ristorante Torino. Impossible to miss despite the numerous cafés overlooking the square. Caffè Torino was founded in 1903 as a challenge to and in spite ot the already established local of the time, intending to distinguish itself immediately.

Caffè Torino - Torino

To do so, its founder was dedicated to creating the best place for the best clientele adorned with precious marble, gilded mirrors, stucco ceilings, crystal chandeliers and regal staircases that immediately catch the eye. He succeeded, given that in a short time intellectuals, important individuals and even royals of the House of Savoy began to frequent this place. 

A fame that was known even in the 50’s when actors and actresses such as James Stewart, Ava Gardner and Brigitte Bardot would stop by during filming for a coffee. All were enchanted by the luxurious windows displaying the sweet delicacies of the Piedmontese tradition like the unfailing giandujotto flanked by the wide range of bonbons and sweets that have made Turin famous throughout the world.

Caffè Torino - Torino

The idea is therefore to stop by Caffè Torino to indulge in a treat for the palate while sipping a delicious coffee or the inevitable chocolate in a cup. Ideal for breakfast and snacks, this historic café also offers solutions for lunch and for an aperitif, obviously under the great Piedmontese gastronomic tradition.

Today Caffè Torino is one of the obligatory stops for those who love a taste of history and want to immerse themselves in the Savoy elegance that has always characterized the Piedmontese capital. So, if you are looking for a unique atmosphere surrounded by the charm of the past, do not miss this refined gem in the heart of Turin!

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