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Giovanni Barbato

Giovanni Barbato

Romagnolo D.O.C since 1993. He was born and grew up in Ravenna, a city where he has developed his need for change. As soon as he could, he ran away to Florence, and then, to an Erasmus in Brussels. He is graduated in Political Sciences, in the communication area. In the meantime, he realizes that photography is something wonderful. He is in love with it and constantly tries to match photography with his other great passion: journalism. He was looking for an alternative way to learn the job, so he found the Scuola Holden di Torino. Always confused and looking for answers, he gets excited about good food and polite people.

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  • Bombarded daily by information of all kinds, transmitted by an ever-increasing number of communication tools, we sometimes look for a simplification, a reliable source, a guide. Flawless Torino was born from this need, and tells the best experiences to have in Florence with style, precision and personality.

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